AIMS:Skele careers fair

To ensure the smooth transfer of students from their primary school to The Vale Academy.

To ensure that numbers do not exceed the Vale admission limit.

To ensure that parents are made aware of our expectations, as outlined in the Home/Academy Agreement.


The Assistant Principal with responsibility for transition is responsible for visiting partner schools and for liaising with headteachers and classroom teachers in order to ensure that all relevant information is available to the academy.

The SENCO is responsible for liaising with the primary school SENCO in order to ensure that all SEN information is appropriately transferred.

One day is reserved in July every year for induction.


The Vale Academy Admissions Policy conforms to the LA policy on admissions.

At the beginning of the Autumn term of a child’s final year at primary school, parents are issued with details of the arrangements for transfer to secondary school.  They are invited to visit the schools and to see copies of the schools’ prospectuses.  Parents complete a Common Admission Form, (CAF), which must be returned to the LA by the end of October in the school year before transfer and parents receive notification of their child’s allocated school in March of that year. 

The admission limit at the Vale Academy is currently 162.  This is reviewed annually by the Governing Body. 


The principal must be informed immediately about any in-year admission.

Before any in year admission:

  1. The Data Manager will contact the previous school to seek information about the child.
  2. There will be an initial meeting with the Assistant Principal (Admissions) and a tour of the academy will be conducted.
  3. If the academy is subsequently selected by the parent/carer, a meeting will take place between the Assistant Principal (Admissions) and the parent/carer.  At this meeting, the Behaviour Policy will be explained thoroughly and the Home/Academy agreement signed.  The high standards of work, homework and behaviour expected will be fully detailed to the parent/carer and the student.
  4. Any refusal to sign the agreement will mean a refusal of the admission.
  5. The Data Manager will contact the previous school to ask for the records to be forwarded to The      Vale Academy.