Chartwells Catering

Details on the current meal offer (menus) can be found on ParentPay, you can login by going to ParentPay. Further information about ParentPay accounts is available here along with details on how to contact us for activation details.
Chartwells are commited to providing balanced healthy meals to students on site at our academy, we ensure a balanced meal is offered every day of the week for our students to enjoy.

Paying for Meals

All students have a lunch card which can be topped up by parents using ParentPay or by students (with cash) using the revaluation machines on site. Below you will find a price list of food offered by Chartwells.
A meal deal costs £2.30 and consists of the meal of the day/sandwich, cookie and a drink (limited to bottled water or aqua juice carton)

Free School Meals

As all of our students use lunch cards we are able to operate a very discreet free school meal (FSM) service, students who are in receipt of a free school meal get their card topped up by the academy up to the value of a meal deal each day.
Free school meal eligibility is assessed by North Lincolnshire Council, you can email the Free School Meal eligibility team or phone them on 01724 297217
You can also find out whether your child is eligible for free school meals by going to the North Lincolnshire web site, there is no cost to applying and it could save you over £400 per year! Applying is confidential and free school meal students remain unidentifiable at the dinner queue as the academy use a cashless card system for all students.