Welcome to Inclusion. We seek to remove barriers to learning and participation, ensuring all students have access to an appropriate education that affords them the opportunity to achieve their personal potential. 

Inclusion supports students in 4 main areas: communication and interaction, cognition and learning, behaviour, emotional and social development and sensory and/or physical. It works collaboratively with outside agencies ensuring specialist advice and provision supports effective teaching and learning. Ofsted recently recognised this support stating ‘Disabled students and those who have special educational needs make outstanding progress, as a result of first-rate attention to their needs’ (Ofsted March 2013).


The SEN Team: 

Miss N Hewitt: SENCO

Mrs S Gardiner: SENCO Admin Assistant

Mr M North: Teaching Assistant Levels 2 & 3, Ultimate coaching award 2008, Sports  multiskills 2008 Madeline Portwood assessments and programme evaluation 2010, Coaching disabled people in sport 2013,

Mrs C Nightingale: Teaching Assistant Level 2: Diploma in SEN, CALL, Literacy

Mr D Wells: Teaching Assistant Level 2

Mrs D McLaren: Teaching Assistant Level 2, Literacy

Mrs J Zhang: Learning Mentor

Mrs L Volland: Teaching Assistant Level 2

Mrs D Weston: Teaching Assistant Level 2

Mrs T McCullagh: Teaching Assistant Level 2



Inclusion comprises  one small teaching area/classroom with Smart Board facilities (5-8 students) and 2 PC’s. There is a small ICT room with 5 PC’s one of which is solely used for the Dyslexia Screener and one small meeting room. The PL4US area is multifaceted and supports personalised and group learning programmes, homework clubs, SIS (Student Information Sheet) and Annual Review meetings.

KS3 & KS4 Support: 

Support for students will take various forms depending on individual need. 

Before entry to The Vale Academy all students go through a transition programme. During this programme the SENCO works closely with feeder primary schools collecting information regarding the nature and type of SEN pupils transferring to the Academy. This allows the SEN team to prepare and plan the provision that will be required to support young learners with SEN.

In Y7 all students undertake baseline assessments which include; cognitive ability tests, reading tests and a dyslexia screener. Along with KS2 data this information is used to inform teaching and identify potential SEN students ensuring no one falls through the net.  Students who are identified as needing extra support may be placed into small intervention groups and follow personalised learning programmes according to their need. Classroom teachers will receive a Student Information Sheet outlining each student’s nature of difficulty and effective strategies to support their learning.

The Vale Academy supports a wide range of learners in different ways across KS3 and KS4:

  • Differentiated and personalised curriculum supporting Key Stage 4 learners with more vocational programmes such as Land Based Studies and Skills for Work and Independence.
  • PL4US is open at lunch and support is provided for those students requiring homework support. We also provide support after school for students preparing for examinations or who require handwriting support.
  • The CALL (Communicative Aspects of Learning and Life) group help develop skills that are essential for communication, learning and behaviour.
  • The SEN team is made up of a team of 11 Teaching Assistants who work with students in class who have learning or physical difficulties. There are 2 Teaching Assistants in the personalised learning zone who specialise in Literacy Support.
  • Students with social, behaviour and emotional difficulties are well supported by the Guidance team. They ensure arrangements are in place to support wider issues that may become a barrier to their learning.
  • Works collaboratively with outside agencies such as the Autistic Spectrum Education Team to ensure highly personalised programmes effectively meet the needs of all students.
  • Weekly drop in sessions for parents to discuss their child’s needs with the SENCO
  • The Academy has 3 fully equipped disabled toilet/shower rooms.
  • Ensuring statutory requirements of the SEN Code of Practice are met.
  • Makes application for Access Arrangements for external examinations which can provide extra time, readers and writers to support SEN students during examinations.
  • Coordinates the formulation of Student Information Sheets and Annual Reviews
  • Undertakes risk assessments to promote inclusion allowing all students to access the curriculum and extra-curricular activities.


We believe the inclusive nature of the Academy along with effective SEN support provides an environment that promotes personal development and independence that allows young people with SEN to go onto the next step of education or training. 

Upcoming Events/Enrichment: 

  • Lunch time homework club supported by two teaching assistants.
  • After school support every evening with higher level teaching assistant.
  • Brigg Library Club: introduction to the town library and reading passports to encourage out of school reading for enjoyment.
  • KS4 Transition: visits to local colleges supporting students with additional needs to make the transition from school to college.
  • Vocational Courses: KS4 courses specifically designed to develop skills for independence and work.