The Vale Way

‘’The Vale Way’’ has three main principles and applies to all members of the academy community :
Principle 1 :
Education and Academic Success : We endeavour to provide all students, irrespective of ability, with the highest possible quality of learning and teaching.

Values: Hard work; ambition; resilience; achievement.

Principle 2 :
"Join in, join in". Involve yourself in as many extra curricular and enrichment activities as possible.  Ensure you have a voice and contribute your views and ideas.

Values: involvement; team work; personal development; democracy

Principle 3 :
The Vale Community : We expect our students to show care, loyalty and support for each other, to behave in a way which supports all students' learning and to be kind, courteous and helpful.

Values: mutual respect; following academy rules; tolerance; loyalty' care and support.

We hope that by trying to ensure that all members of the community promote The Vale Way, our academy will be happy and strong.