Things that go bump in the academy!

7th November 2017

Ghostly goings-on spooked visitors to The Vale’s new building in a student-inspired Halloween special.

Storytellers, played by sixth form drama students each with a ghostly link to the academy, led the audience around the school.There was a 19th century asylum in the drama studio, a whodunit murder mystery in the gym, a Victorian school and a gory, blood spilling, accident-prone scene.Spooky Tales was a promenade performance set across nine settings, with the audience moving from one to another.

There was an old headteacher who met her death when locked in a cupboard over the summer holidays; the building’s architect who still appeared around the school; a dinner lady who had met her fate in a kitchen fire; a head boy who had suffered a tragic death; and an old caretaker who hated all children and teachers!

Principal Nicola Williams said the idea was generated by the students.

“I’d like to thank drama teachers Jo Weatherall and Rebecca Carmichael who shaped and refined the scenes but most ideas came from the students,” Mrs Williams said.

More than 100 Year 7s to 13 were involved in the production: acting, singing, playing in a string group, assisting with hair, make-up and costumes, or baking the ‘gruesome’ refreshments offered to visitors at the end of their tour.

Mrs Williams said: “It was a truly memorable event.

“The audience enjoyed the promenade experience, moving from scene to scene with the ghostly sounds of the choir echoing through the corridors, although we hope they were not too scared by the zombies and clowns hiding behind corners!”