About Delta

The Board of Directors has taken a decision to rename the Trust to Delta Academies Trust.  This is a simple change of name only, but reflects wholesale and on-going change throughout the organisation.  The name Delta is synonymous with change and the Trust is determined to change educational outcomes and lives for the students and pupils we serve across the North of England.  The relentless focus of the Trust is on what is in the best interests of the children and the communities our academies serve

Delta is a single-trust multi-academy sponsor. In that capacity, it acts as one employer across all the Academies which it sponsors.

Delta is an exempt educational charity with its members drawn from the public sector and Directors with appropriate expertise appointed on a voluntary basis. Delta has a proven track record as well as the educational expertise, capacity and experience to secure transformational change and sustainable academy improvement.

It is currently responsible for the leadership and governance of a number of schools including Academy Trusts and Foundation Shared Trusts.

With a predecessor educational trust history going back to 2004 the Delta has an impressive record in school Improvement and has established an organisation which provides a 21st Century model for collaboration between the public sector and a not for profit organisation with public accountability.