Investing in your Son/ Daughter’s Future

Research has consistently shown that parents and carers are the most influential factor in students’ decisions about the future. Your support and encouragement influences their choices, and the guidance you provide will be invaluable to their eventual achievements and career pathways. This might feel a little daunting…the jobs of the future may be very different from your own experiences and choices. In fact, they may not even been invented yet!

There are some very simple and practical steps you can take to support your child.

  • Talk to them about their current educational attainment and estimated grades and encourage them to aim high (the skills shortages of the future will be in higher level jobs)
  • Discuss where they want to be and research how to get there (lots of great resources in the Academy and on the internet)
  • Use the bespoke
  • Encourage them to seek out the advice and experiences they need to help them achieve their goals
  • Help them with the steps they need to take

You are not alone in this! In partnership with CareersInc Ltd, the matrix accredited organisation, who provide our external, independent and impartial careers guidance service, we will support your child to explore all of the pathways and encourage them to aim high in their career goals and aspirations.Together with staff from CareersInc, we will support your child’s career development in a number of ways including:

  • Information and discussion in lessons and assemblies to help them make decisions about your future
  • Activities and events such as careers fairs
  • Access to careers advisers in a variety of ways including individual meetings, drop-in sessions, learning pathway planning, enrichment activities and results days
  • Careers information and I.T based careers programmes
  • Information and updates on notice boards, plasma screens and websites

You are welcome to attend your child’s careers meeting and we encourage you to contact the Academy or CareersInc if you need any more help or information.

A bespoke Careers Portal can also be accessed at