Drama Productions

Last year in the autumn term the department produced a production based on ‘Rainbows Ending’, a physical theatre show about the environment, which was performed by the yr9, 10 and 11 GCSE drama students in November. It included some challenging vocal and physical techniques, which the students used with energy and skill, thoroughly impressing the public audience and the primary schools who were invited to see a matinee performance.


The production involved 33 students who were on the stage throughout the one act performance.  It was a challenging and enjoyable process that developed the skills of the GCSE drama students.  The collaborative style they worked in was a credit to the cast.

Being in both shows was a really good experience.  Performing in front of big audience gave me confidence.’  Sophie Yr11

Parents of the yr10 GCSE drama students were invited in May to watch the GCSE Unit 1 Devised pieces. The audience were treated to an evening of quality performances created from the stimuli sent by the exam board.  These ranged from exploration of social issues to piece of children’s theatre.

The drama department support us with all aspects of school, as well as work, such as dealing with stress.   They make sure our work is done to the best of our ability.’  Lucy Yr11

In the summer, the Drama department led a whole school musical production based on ‘Sister Act 2’ that included the music of Motown. The Music, Art and Technology departments supported this production with their fantastic sets and musical arrangements.

Working the lights for Sister Act was quite intense at times, but it’s definitely something I’d do again in a heartbeat.’  Harry Yr11


The show came at the end of a very busy term but the students worked hard to create a fabulous, energetic and engaging performance, enjoyed by audiences on 3 consecutive nights. All the proceeds of this play were donated to The Children’s Air Ambulance.


‘Doing the productions and being involved with the drama department has really helped to grow my confidence, not only in drama but everyday life too.  Chloe Yr11