Staying safe online is essential in the modern world where social networking is all the rage and new technology and instant media are available to many young people.

During Year 7 all of the students at The Vale Academy complete an eSafety course during their ICT lessons. eSafety is then revisted during assemblies and Education for Relationships and Sex (ERS) which is delivered from Year 9.

We also advise students, parents, and carers to read more about eSafety and government advice at www.thinkuknow.co.uk (this site is tailored for all ages from 5 upwards)

The ClickCEOP campaign is fantastic and should a student or parent/carer need to report an incident you can do so at the ClickCEOP Safety Centre.

A parental guide about staying safe online this summer is available here, as well as further information about PokémonGo.

You can also read our E-Safety Policy on our Statutory Information page here.