Key Stage 3 Overview - MFL

Key Stage 3 MFL

2020 -2021 overview

Year 7

HT 1 La rentrée

·         Greetings

·         Pronunciation and key sounds

·         Talk about siblings

·         Items in the classroom


HT 2 

·         Talk about likes and dislikes

·         Describe your personality

·         Christmas celebrations in the TL country

·         December test

HT 3 En Classe

·         Talk about colours

·         Telling the time

·         Express your opinion on school subjects

·         Talk about what you wear in school

HT 4

·         Using adjectives

·         Talk about your school day

·         Learn about school in the TL country

·         Talk about your school building

·         Easter celebrations in the TL country

HT 5  Mon temps libre

·         Talk about the weather and the seasons

·         Talk about sports you play

·         Talk about activities you do

·         Talk about what you like doing

HT 6 Ma vie de famille

·         Talk about animals

·         Talk about breakfast

·         Learn about celebrations in the TL country

·         End of year test

Year 8

HT 1  Mi ciudad

·         Describe your town/village

·         Tell the time

·         Use the verb “ir”

·         Order snacks and drinks in a café


HT 2

·         Say what you are going to do at the weekend

·         Use the near  future tense

·         Talk about Christmas celebrations in Spain and Spanish speaking countries

HT 3 Mis vacaciones

·         Talk about a past holiday

·         Use the preterite tense of the verb “ir”

·         Use the preterite tense of regular  verbs


HT 4 Todo sobre mi vida

·         Saying what your holiday was like

·         Use the preterite tense of verb “ser”

·         Say what you use your phone for

·         Say what type of music you like

·         Give a range of opinions

·         Talk about TV

·         Use the comparative adjectives

HT 5 ¡A comer!

·         Say what you did yesterday

·         Use the present and preterite tense

·         Saying what food you like

·         Describe mealtimes

·         Use negatives

·         Ordering a meal

·         Using “usted/ustedes”

HT 6

·         Discuss what to buy for a party

·         Use the near future tense

·         Talk about films

Year 9

HT 1 Qui suis-je?

·         Revise key sounds and pronunciation

·         Talk about family and describing people

·         Talk about friends

·         Talk about family relationships

HT 2

·         Making arrangements to go out

·         Use the near future tense

·         Use the perfect tense

·         Describing an afternoon out with friends

·         December test

HT 3 Le temps de loisirs

·         To revise leisure activities

·         Talk about sports using “depuis”

·         Talk about films

·         Talk about TV programmes

·         Using comparative adjectives

HT 4

·         Revising instruments you can play

·         Talk about different genres of music

·         Describe your favourite singer/musician

·         Talk about books

·         Talk about social media

HT 5 Jours ordinaires, jours de fête

·         Describe your daily life

·         Talk about food and meals

·         Talk about food for special occasions

·         Discuss shops and clothes

·         Describing family celebrations


HT 6

·         Research and produce a fact file about a chosen French speaking country

·         Describe key events of the French revolution