Key Stage 4 Overview - MFL

Key Stage 4 MFL

2020-2021 overview


Year 10

HT 1

·         Discuss holidays activities and weather 

·         Say what you do in the summer

·         Talk about holidays preferences 

·         Talk about a past holiday 

·         Book accommodation and dealing with problems 


HT 2

·         Give an account of a holiday in the past  


·         School subjects: opinions and comparisons 

·         Compare Spanish and English school system


HT 3

·         Describe school facilities and day 

·         Describe school uniform 

·         School rules and problems 

·         Plans for a school exchange 

·         Talk about activities and achievements  


HT 4

·         Talk about places in a town 

·         Ask for and understanding directions 

·         Talk about shops 

·         Shop for souvenirs 

·         Describe the features of a region 

·         Plan what to do 

·         Shop for clothes and presents 


HT 5

·         Talk about problems in a town 

·         Describe a visit in the past                 

·         Describe mealtimes 

·         Talk about daily routine 

·         Talk  about illnesses and injuries 

·         Ask for help at the pharmacy 


HT 6

·         Talk about typical foods 

·         Compare different festivals 

·         Describe a special day 

·         Order in a restaurant 

·         Talk about a music festival  



Year 11

HT 1

Revision of  theme 1

Topic 1: Me, my family and friends

Relationships with family and friends


 Topic 2: Technology in everyday life

Social media

Mobile technology

 Topic 3: Free-time activities


Cinema and TV

Food and eating out

SportTopic 4: Customs and festivals in Spanish-speaking countries/communities


HT 2

Revision of Theme 2


Topic 1: Home, town, neighbourhood and region

 Topic 2: Social issues

Charity/voluntary work

Healthy/unhealthy living

 Topic 3: Global issues

The environment


 Topic 4: Travel and tourism


HT 3

Revision of Theme 3


Topic 1: My studies

 Topic 2: Life at school/college

 Topic 3: Education post-16

 Topic 4:Jobs, career choices and ambitions


HT 4

Exam skills

HT 5

HT 6