Curriculum Intent - Music

Curriculum Intent Statement

Department of Music

Vale Academy


We believe that students deserve a broad and ambitious music curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge, which ignites curiosity and prepares them well for future learning or employment. Our music curriculum will give students the opportunity to:


  • Develop a thorough understanding of music, through performing, composing listening and analysing.
  • Develop self-confidence through performance, both through lessons and extra-curricular participation
  • Encourage creativity through composition skills
  • Understand the complexities of music through analysis of a wide range of genres from different musical and cultural perspectives
  • Encourage personal development through ensemble performances and group compositions
  • Understand how music can support the development of life skills, such as confidence, self awareness, perseverance and discipline and provide a holistic experience that they can take beyond their musical studies
  • Develop their cross-curricular skills of problem solving, perseverance, diligence, team work, time management, organisation, responsibility and cultural history
  • Gain a sense of achievement through performance.



Other general principles

Our pedagogy is underpinned by:


·         A systematic approach to teaching standard notation, embedded within and across all topics, differentiated as appropriate

·         The importance of ensuring students’ prior knowledge from peripatetic lessons is fully encompassed within the classroom

·         The importance of giving students regular opportunities to revise, develop and extend their work

·         A range of strategies to deepen knowledge and allow all students to find a ‘way in” to the music

·         The regular use of modelling to demonstrate processes, standards and expectations across composition, performance and analysis tasks.

We will enrich our curriculum by:


·         Deepening cross-curricular links

·         Encouraging and supporting students to take part in extra-curricular activities and ensembles

·         Providing opportunities for students to perform in festivals and competitions, both as soloists and as members of ensembles

·         Providing opportunities for students to experience live performances, both within and outside the academy

·         Providing opportunities to embark on learning an instrument through the peripatetic system

·         Implementing further links and joint enterprises with the Music Hub to provide a wider range of opportunities for students

·         Embedding arts award within year 7 through the tutor system

Our curriculum will enable students to:


·         Learn within a coherent and progressive framework

·         Develop new skills through a variety of interesting contexts to foster enjoyment

·         Develop a rich and deep subject knowledge

·         Understand what they are doing well and how they need to improve

·         Build on their understanding of the importance of British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and tolerance and respect

·         Improve their spiritual, social, moral and cultural understanding

·         Develop autonomy around their own musical choices.