Personal Development

The PSHCE and SRE curriculum gives students the opportunity to broaden, extend and challenge their knowledge, values and skills to prepare them for life in modern Britain, with the aim of making students productive citizens.  The programme includes work to improve students’ health and emotional wellbeing. PSHCE and SRE develops students’ skills to manage relationships and be economically active and intends to give students the skills necessary to keep them safe, including keeping them safe in an ever changing virtual word.

The main strands the programme aims to promote are health and wellbeing, living in the wider world and careers, relationships and an understanding of the fundamental values of modern Britain.

The PHSCE course is arranged in the following way to ensure that age appropriate delivery is achieved to prepare students for each phase of their life and education. The SRE programme is delivered by a specialist team through drop down interventions at age appropriate times.


Topic 1 Health and Wellbeing

Topic 2 Living in the wider world- careers

Topic 3                                   Relationships

Topic 4   Health and Wellbeing

Topic 4 Living in the wider world

Topic 6:                                                   British Vales and essential skills

Year 7


Transition to secondary school

Road safety

Introduction to careers

Diversity and prejudice

The risks of alcohol, tobacco and other substances

Making ethical financial decisions

British values

Safety, bullying including cyber bullying

Challenging career stereotypes and raising aspirations

Managing on- and off-line friendships

Diet, exercise and how to make healthy choices

Saving, spending and budgeting our money


Year 8

First aid and personal safety

What is an entrepreneur?

Online safety and digital literacy

Alcohol and drug misuse. Managing peer pressure

Rights and responsibilities in the community

Evaluation value for money in services


Mental health and emotional wellbeing, including body image


Tackling racism and religious discrimination

Managing loss and change

Tackling age and disability discrimination

Risk and consequences making financial decisions

Year 9

Internet safety

Understanding different careers and future aspirations

Managing conflict at home and the dangers of running away from home

Managing peer pressure in relation to illicit substances

Prevent to include: Peer pressure, assertiveness and risk, gang crime, acid attacks

First aid, lifesaving skills


Dieting, lifestyle balance and unhealthy coping strategies

Reflecting on learning skills

Tackling homophobia, transphobia and sexism

Assessing the risks of drug and alcohol abuse.


Year 10

Mental health and ill health, tackling stigma

Skills for employment

Managing change, grief and bereavement


Exploring the influence of role models

Understanding the causes and effects of debt

British values, human rights and community cohesion




Evaluating the social and emotional risk of drugs

Understanding the risks associated with gambling

extremism and radicalisation

Year 11

Promoting self-esteem and coping with stress

Revision strategies and preparation for working life

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