Religious Studies - KS3 Overview

Year 7

 1Introduction to RS
 2Beliefs and values 
What is religion?3Evidence for God being real
 4Ultimate Questions
 5Living in a multi-faith society
 1Introduction and beliefs about God
 2Hindu Worship
 3Ramayana & Diwali
Hinduism4The Caste System
 5Hindu Beliefs 
 1Abrahamic Religions
 2Introduction to Judaism 
 6Moses and plagues
 1Introduction to Sikhism
 2Guru Nanak
Sikhism 3Guru Granth Sanib
 1Christianity Creation Story
 2Big Bang Theory
Creation3Islamic Creation Story
 4Egyptian Creation Story
 5P'an Ku Creation Story
 6Greak Creation Story
 1Christian Churches
Religious Holy buildings 3Mosques
 4Sikh Temple
 5Independent place of worship 
 6Design your own holy building 
 7Present your building

Year 8

 1Inspirational People Introduction
 2Martin Luther King
 3Bus Boycott
Inspirational People4Muhammad Ali
 5Mother  Teresa
 1Introduction to the importance of Islam
 2Five Pillars of Islam
Islam3Islamic beliefs 
 4Islam, terrorism and media representation
 5Islamic veil debate
 6The Mosque
 7Assessment lesson 
 1What is evil?
 2The problem of evil and suffering
 3Christian Response to Suffering
Evil and suffering4Religious Response to Suffering
 5Holocaust Case Study
 1Who is Buddha?
 2Four Noble Truths 
 3Eightfold Path
Buddhism 4Reincarnation 
 6Buddhist debate
 1What makes you, you?
 2How much is human life worth?
 3Why are humans special?
Importance of you4Purpose of life
 5How free are we?
 6What does the future hold?
 1Introduction to Christianity 
 210 Commandments 
 3The Holy Trinity 
 4The Soul
Christianity 5Jesus 
 6Life after death