Subject Template - Religious Studies


Religious Studies

Curriculum Leader

Mrs L. Greaves

Teaching Staff

Mrs K. Noon

Miss M. Harrison

Mrs L. Greaves

Mr G. Robbins

Mr. R Remple


Subject Content


Year 7

·       What is Religion?

·       Hinduism

·       Judaism

·       Sikhism

·       Creation

·       Religious Holy Buildings

Year 8

·       Inspirational People

·       Islam

·       Evil and Suffering

·       Buddhism

·       Importance of You

·       Christianity 

Year 9

·      Christianity and Human Relationships

·      Christianity and Medical Ethics

·      Religion, Peace and Justice

·      Religion and equality

·      The Nature of God

Year 10

·      Dialogue between religion and non-religion

All units will be focusing on students’ ability to think about questions of meaning, in order to consider perspectives other than their own and to develop empathy, values and critical thinking.










Students are given the opportunity to develop their out of class learning through a range of homework projects, such as the ‘Shrine Project’ for Year 7 students.

The faculty runs a KS3 ‘Humanities’ Club. It involves lots of fun activities and gives students the opportunity to study Humanities topics that are of interest to them but are not taught in class. 

Number of Lessons Per Week

KS3: 1 hour

KS4: Within PSHE and Life Lessons