Curriculum Intent - Science

Curriculum Intent Statement

Department of Science

The Vale Academy


We believe that students deserve a broad and ambitious Science curriculum, rich in skills and knowledge, which ignites curiosity and prepares them well for future learning or employment. Our Science curriculum will give students the opportunity to:

  • Develop practical skills by working scientifically;
  • Articulate scientific concepts clearly and precisely;
  • Remedy misconceptions;
  • Understanding the nature, processes and methods of Science;
  • Understanding the uses and implications of Science today and for the future;
  • To accurately read and interpret technical terminology;
  • To see connections between subject areas and become aware of the big ideas underpinning scientific knowledge and understanding;
  • To challenge received wisdom by taking into account new evidence and ideas;
  • To use problem solving skills and numeracy within scientific concepts;



Other general principles

Our pedagogy is underpinned by:

·         A rigorous and systematic approach to the teaching of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.

·         The regular use of live modelling and working scientifically to demonstrate processes, standards and expectations.

·         A range of strategies to deepen knowledge so that it is committed to long-term memory.

·         A need to ‘normalise error’ so that teachers can pre-empt error as part of their planning to address gaps swiftly, and students see error as a learning opportunity.

·         The importance of giving students regular opportunities to challenge concepts and ideas.

·         Allowing students the opportunities to discuss and articulate views of science in real-life contexts.

We will enrich our curriculum by:

·         Establishing cross-curricular links.

·         Providing regular on and off-site subject or topic related experiences.

·         Offering opportunities for children to learn outdoors where appropriate.

·         Holding Trust-wide competitions to celebrate best work and extraordinary effort.

·         Encouraging students to contribute to the life of the school and the community, including charity work, and use these ‘real’ contexts to develop their skills and knowledge.

·         Developing partnerships with external providers that extend children’s opportunities for learning.

Our curriculum will enable students to:

·         Learn within a coherent and progressive framework.

·         Develop new skills through a variety of interesting contexts to foster enjoyment.

·         Develop a rich and deep subject knowledge.

·         Understand what they are doing well and how they need to improve.

·         Explore the breadth and depth of the national curriculum.

·         Build on their understanding of the importance of British values, including democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and tolerance and respect.

·         Improve their spiritual, social, moral and cultural understanding.

·         To develop autonomy around their own reading choices.

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