• Black Academy blazer with royal blue trim and with logo
  • Plain black, long-sleeved V neck jumper (optional);
  • Black, royal blue, black and silver academy tie (clip on);
  • White shirt;
  • Plain black trousers or pleated black knee length skirt with logo (jeans, chinos, leggings, ‘jegging’ style trousers and tube skirts are not allowed);
  • Sensible plain black shoes that are smart and can be polished must be worn. Trainers or trainer style footwear with logos are not acceptable. Stiletto, high heels or boots that cover the ankle including ‘ugg’ style boots are prohibited.

If you have any questions regarding uniform please contact the academy.


  • Jewellery is limited to a wrist watch and studs in pierced ears;
  • No facial or body piercing is allowed. This includes microdermal implants.

PE Kit and Equipment

  • Vale Short Sleeve PE top;
  • Vale Long Sleeve PE top (outdoor only);
  • Blue Vale PE shorts or Skort;
  • Sky blue socks (outdoor);
  • White socks (indoor);
  • Clean non-marking trainers;
  • Football/hockey boots.


  • Food technology – Blue apron
  • Workshops – White apron


Valuables handed into PE staff must have a maximum value of £25.00 and are brought at your own risk. Jewellery and money will only be collected in PE if it is put in an envelope, box bag or purse which is clearly named.

Valuables must be collected at the end of each PE lesson.


It is important that students wear their uniform correctly and appropriately but for the health and safety of all staff and students the following must apply:

  • Jewellery must be limited to a wrist watch and studs in ears.  These can be worn in the earlobe only and not in the top of the ear;
  • No facial or body piercing.  This includes micro dermal implants.  Large decorated belts or accessories of any sort are not permitted;
  • Uniform should be worn smartly; shirts should be fastened fully and tucked in and ties should be slipped on to the top button;
  • There should be no visible t-shirts worn underneath shirts;
  • Trainers should not be worn in the buildings; if you wear trainers during break/lunchtimes whilst playing games you must change back into black footwear before entering the buildings;
  • Extreme hairstyles including patterns and designs cut into the hair, hair colours and excessive make up are not allowed;
  • Skirts should not be too short and trousers should be worn at an acceptable waist height;
  • Coats and other outdoor clothing must not be worn in classrooms;
  • nail polish, false/acrylic nails/nail extensions are not allowed;

If students choose to wear non permitted items they will be confiscated.

Students who refuse to comply with academy uniform requirements will be subject to sanctions as outlined in the Behaviour for Learning Policy.

Where to purchase

The Vale Academy uniform is available from local stockist Uniform Direct: 

We are proud to have been selected as the uniform provider for your school.

There will be a full range of The Vale Academy uniform available to in our stores at 56 Victoria Street, Grimsby and 9 Market Street, Gainsborough. Uniform will also be available to order, purchase and/or try on at pre-arranged open days at school and available online.  

Ordering online is very simple using the link: Uniform Direct 

If you need to contact us, you can e-mail us directly at customerservices@uniform-direct.com  or call us on 01522 510016  

Online orders are despatched 3 to 5 working days from order direct to parents. Postage flat fee of £3.96 for any number of items to your chosen address. Customer returns are free by postage paid label – please contact customerservices@uniform-direct.com and quote your order number. Customers without internet access may telephone their order 01522 510016 (Office hours only Monday to Friday).

If ordering online please allow plenty of time, especially during the busy back-to-school period when delivery may take a little longer or when you may be going on holiday. Please allow enough time so that you can make an exchange or order additional items if necessary.  

We look forward to welcoming you to our store and our website, and hope that you will visit us many times during your child’s school years. 

Kind Regards, Customer Services Team, Uniform Direct ®

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