Views of the Academy

Views of Our Academy

Please be assured The Academy takes pride in seeking and acting on the opinions of students and parents. We regularly complete student surveys to seek the views of the children at the Academy and complete parents surveys at parent’s evenings. The results of these surveys are displayed on the website below. 

Parental Surveys 2016/17

Parental Surveys completed at parents’ evenings have been extremely positive for The Vale Academy.

Please ensure that you complete a survey for the Academic year 2017/18 when at your child’s parents evening.  

The results of the survey are as follows:

  % Positive% Negative
1My child is happy at The Vale Academy99.3%0.7%
2My child feels safe at The Vale Academy99.8%0.2%
3My child makes good progress at The Vale Academy97.7%2.3%
4My child is well looked after at The Vale Academy98.4%1.6%
5My child is taught well at the Vale Academy.100%0%
6My child receives appropriate homework for their age.94.3%5.7%
7The Vale Academy makes sure its pupils are well behaved95.1%4.9%
8The Vale Academy deals effectively with bullying97.8%2.2%
9The Vale Academy is well led and managed97.8%2.2%
10The Vale Academy responds well to any concerns I raise97.2%2.8%
11I receive valuable information from the school about my child's progress95.4%4.6%
12I would recommend The Vale Academy to another parentYes (99.1%)No (0.9%)

We feel that one of our greatest assets is our loyal and committed staff whom we value highly. Excellent teaching and student support lead to excellent student progress, we therefore invest heavily in our staff and in their well-being.  Staff turnover at The Vale Academy is low giving testament to the fact that teachers and support staff are happy here. Recent responses to the staff questionnaire uphold this view. All are proud to work here and are clear about what the academy is trying to achieve. They believe that the academy successfully meets the differing needs of individual students and feel that there is a constant focus on improving teaching. They believe that the academy is well led and managed, that incidences of bullying are immediately dealt with and that students are safe.