Art & Design

Art is subjects that can help us to understand and give meaning to the world we live in.  Through our curriculum we aim to provide students with an experience that is exciting and to ensure that our students combine practical skills with creative thinking. 

We support our students to aspire through their learning experiences to standards of excellence intellectually, practically, and aesthetically. Each student experiences a variety of media and techniques. In KS3 students will develop their skills and understanding with progressive complexity and sophistication, so that they are able to make informed choices and work with increasing independence into Key Stages 4 and 5.

We support students in learning to co-operate and negotiate and be able to share good practice and learn from others. We develop students’ awareness of the impact of art on society and expect them to achieve by applying a variety of skills from the wider curriculum together with those specific to Art to produce effective and considered artworks.

We enable students to enjoy their learning in Art and to gain transferable skills that will help them in other curriculum areas and in life. We aim to enable our students to become:

  • successful independent learners who enjoy learning, understand how to make progress and achieve to their potential;
  • confident self-managers and team-workers, who are willing to take risks and keep an open-mind about new ideas and techniques;
  • responsible citizens aware of the role they play in society and the importance of art in contributing to society;
  • confident individuals who are able to live safe, healthy and fulfilling lives.

The facilities and expertise in the area enable these aims and values to be explored through Art. Our curriculum is designed to lead to excellence at every level, providing our students with a strong foundation from which to excel in further art studies.  


Miss L Mather: Curriculum Leader Art

Mrs K Robbins: Curriculum Leader Design & Technology

Mrs A Savage: Director of Sixth Form

Mr I McLaren: Technical support   

Resources and facilities

Within the department there are two Art rooms, one of which is shared with Textiles. 


In Key Stage 3 in Art we offer opportunities for students to:

  • develop their designing and making skills;
  • develop knowledge and understanding of materials and techniques/processes;
  • nurture creativity and innovation through development of both 2d and 3d art skills;
  • explore values about and attitudes to the made world and how we live, work and interact within it;
  • develop a critical understanding of artistic processes, and how art contributes to our society;
  • prepare for making a contribution to life and work in a creative society;
  • relate and apply knowledge and understanding from across the curriculum;
  • develop confidence and enjoyment in art;
  • seek to stimulate imagination and inventiveness through the student’s first-hand experience and by reference to the imaginative work of others;
  • appreciate and value individual responses in their own right;
  • provide opportunities for students to experiment, initiate, make choices and act on them.

Key Stage 4

Students opt from the range of courses in Art and Design.  

Courses currently offered at GCSE in Art

GCSE Art and Design Fine Art AQA 
Key Stage 5

Students can opt from any of the following courses at KS5  

GCSE Art and Design Fine Art AQA 

Extra Curricular

Students are welcome to attend afterschool art sessions where they can extend and develop work they are producing in class to increase achievement. 

In Year 10 students are taken to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park where they have an opportunity to experience the work of other artists whilst gathering resources to support their achievement on their GCSE course for both assessment objectives A01 and A03.