Religious Studies

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Religious Studies has changed significantly over the last twenty years. Not so long ago it was about understanding Christianity from a Catholic or Protestant point of view. Today it attempts to teach about religion and other beliefs and how these impact on life as a whole. With globalisation and migration and with the world experiencing a variety of conflicts based on tribal and cultural misunderstandings and hatred, it is increasingly important that young people have a more enlightened view of others.

The RS team’s aim is

  • to enthuse students to consider perspectives other than their own
  • to develop students’ ability to express their views and that of others
  • to develop the ability to explain and discuss 

Facilities / Resources

RS is one of three subjects taught within the Humanities Faculty. The faculty has six large classrooms, each classroom has an interactive smart board; the RS department also has a large range of religious artefacts used to further enthuse students and bring RS to life.

Key Stage 3

  • Year 7
    • What is Religion?
    • Hinduism
    • Judaism
    • Sikhism
    • Creation
    • Religious Holy Buildings
  • Year 8
    • Inspirational People
    • Islam
    • Evil and Suffering
    • Buddhism
    • Importance of You
    • Christianity
  • Year 9
    • Christianity and Human Relationships
    • Christianity and Medical Ethics
    • Religion, Peace and Justice
    • Religion and equality
    • The Nature of God

Key Stage 4

  • Year 10
    • Dialogue between religion and non-religion

All units will be focusing on students’ ability to think about questions of meaning, in order to consider perspectives other than their own and to develop empathy, values and critical thinking.