It is our prime objective at the Vale Academy to develop individual student confidence and enjoyment of art practice. It is also our intention to ensure that students understand the wider value of Art with regard to mindfulness and the pleasure of creating. We aim to provide students with an engaging and diverse curriculum which allows them to develop the artistic skills, techniques and tools that they need to develop as good artistic practitioners. Through our curriculum, we aim to prepare students with important

transferable skills across the curriculum of the ability to think creatively and to problem solve effectively. We aim to imbed in our students the skills they need to open up greater opportunities for education, careers and life in Modern Britain, where creative skills are highly desired. The Vale Academy Art curriculum therefore with careers in mind also provides students with the underpinning important skills needed for transition to Key Stage 5 and Higher Education.

We strive to enable children to develop specific techniques and Art skills. Planning allows students to sequentially learn, building and developing their skills as they progress. Schemes of work plan for students to engaging with exciting activities, which are varied, allowing students a wide experience of working with drawing, painting, print and sculptural materials. As students’ progress through their studies, techniques that are more complex are taught, and diverse media used allowing them to widen their repertoire. Students are trained in the development of their analytical skills. They learn how to analyse artwork and from this can decode how formal elements have been manipulated to create effects. As they develop confidence and independence, they are given opportunity to make their own informed choices about their work within key stage 4 and 5.