Curriculum Details – EPC

Ethics, philosophy and Citizenship


Curriculum Leader: Mrs J Winship

Year 7 tutors:
A – Mrs Pillley
B – Mrs Matthews
C – Mrs Turgoose
D – Mr Watson
E – Mrs Robbins
F – Mrs Stapley and Mrs Jimoh (Friday)

Year 8 tutors:
A – Mrs Carlile
B – Mr Green
C – Miss Halpin and Mrs Haughey (Tuesday and Friday)
D – Mr Kerr
E – Mr Rempel
F – Mrs Austin and Mrs Longden (Monday)

Year 9 tutors:
A – Miss Harrison
B – Miss Mather
C – Mrs Taylor and Mrs Dyson (Wednesday and
D – Mr Kerr
E – Mr Robbins
F – Miss Hicks

Year 10 tutors:
A – Mrs Weatherall and Mrs Carmichael (Wednesday and Thursday)
B – Mr Jimoh
C – Mrs Smith
D – Miss Haughey

Year 11 tutors:
A – Mrs Teanby
B – Miss Ogman
C – Mrs Wade
D – Mrs King
E – Mr Sosna

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